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We insure farmers against drought and
events, restaurants, volksfests against rain

We insure farmers against drought

And insure events, restaurants, volksfests against rain

Our weather insurance also helps against damages from heat and cold, snow and lack of snow:
For vineyards, orchards, energy and construction, ski resorts, logistics
Learn more snow and lack

Weather insurance for responsible entrepreneurs

The Wetterheld weather insurance protects your business against loss and yourself against financial stress

Fast and simple, without paper and claim managers

We design the right weather insurance for you: fast, simple, digital.
Your payout arrives immediately, without discussion

1. Deutscher Wetterdienst
Weather station
Weather is measured daily and hourly at the weather station.
2. Compare to the insured weather
It is automaticly checked if there is a potential payout claim.
3. Payout to your account
If a payout claim exists, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

What entrepreneurs say about us:

"Ich kann nicht Petrus spielen, aber die Regenversicherung gibt mir volle Kontrolle über meinen Cash-Flow."

"Wenn unser Weihnachtsmarkt ein Reinfall wird kann ich einpacken, Wetterheld gibt mir und meiner Familie Sicherheit."

Extremwetterereignisse nehmen tendenziell zu. Vor allem in Regionen mit leichteren oder sandigen Böden ist daher eine Dürreversicherung sehr sinnvoll. Das Produkt von Wetterheld passt zu Getreide, Kartoffeln, Raps, Zuckerrüben und Grasland, lässt sich sehr individuell konfigurieren, und trifft damit die Bedürfnisse der Landwirte.

No obligation, no subscription

We offer you a one time weather insurance that will not extend automatically.
You have full flexibility!

Bafin-regulated and reinsured

Your insurance payout is safe! Our insurance partner ELEMENT Insurance AG is regulated by Bafin and reinsured with the largest reinsurers worldwide. At any time, there will be sufficient regulatory own funds to settle all claims.
Initial information according to insurance mediation regulation

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